Five is Enough


The nobbaq and I were just discussing child nomenclature over dessert. She has long since decided that her quintuplet boys will be named after famous conquerors. So look for little Otto, Caesar, Frederick, Vlad, and Napoleon in a few years.

The rules of symmetry demanded that I then come up with names for my quintuplet girls. After ruling out ex-girlfriends (poorly received), flowers (poorly received by me), Shakespeare (lukewarm all around), virtues (too mean), Muses (there are nine), and Jane Austen heroines (I almost got up and left), I decided to give each of my five daughters different names, but give them each names that could be shortened to "Katie." This yields two possible implementations:

1. Names that can be independently shortened to "Katie." Katherine, Kathleen, Kaitlin, and the twins, Catalonia and Catalina.

2. Names that, when combined with the middle name, give the initials "K.T." Kelly Theresa, Kimberly Tara, Kyra Tatiana, Kylie Tabitha, and Kinsey Tina.

In related news, no daughter of mine will be named Emma, though I'd be willing to name a child Emily and allow her to be called Emma by everyone except me. Nobbaq disapproves. Furthermore, Lily is her daughter, and Lila is mine.

If anyone reads anything into the fact that I'm discussing baby names with my girlfriend they have a serious beasting coming from me.

For additional reading, please see Ann M. Martin's Ten Kids, No Pets.


I couldn't sleep last night, and here is the product of my insomnia: My International Centuplets! (That's 10, right?)

BOYS: Santiago, Trenton, Dallas, Kyoto, and Cairo
GIRLS: Sydney, Florence, Paris, Vienna, and Atlanta

And before you go making snide comments, let us recall who is writing this: the woman in love with Mr. Holohan. Is it any wonder that I'm strange?

i believe centuplets would be a hundred children. good luck with that. ten children would be something along the lines of "dectuplets."

but good names, though.

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