Ignorantia Legis Neminem Excusat


And another thing. If people are going to take it upon themselves to draft criminal statutes related to sexual offenses, they accomplish NOTHING by being shy about what they're talking about. To wit:

Model Penal Code Section 213.0(2): "Sexual intercourse" includes intercourse per os or per anum, with some penetration however slight; emission is not required.


Since they only specify "including per os or per anum," that vanilla sex isn't included?

I think that the inclusion of the latin gives it a little class. It might be a little jarring to be reading throug the penal code and find, "Sexual intercourse includes hummers and taking it in the ass."

Damn me for proofreading AFTER I post. Hopefully everyone can translate that first sentence into grammatically correct English.

yes, that particular section of the MPC would have benefitted from a well placed "but is not limited to." i even though "os" meant "vagina" when i first read it, because i'm a big idiot.

There's no latin word for vagina, since vaginas were not invented until somewhere around the sixteenth century. They were originally designed as a torture device by Sir John "The Worst Inventor Of All Time, But Also The Best If You Think About It" Ford.


Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est (Knowledge is power)
ipso facto?`````````
Nam et ipsa scientia tormento est (Knowledge is Torment)
Ignorantia et Beatitud (ignorance is bliss)

translating layman english into latin does not add any significance to the statement. why bother?

I don't think it adds anything either except a way to keep law degrees valauble by requiring attorneys to know these random latin terms to set them apart from "lay" people. I also didn't read that "os" there as "mouth"... probably b/c that would seem to be the natural opposite of "anum" in that context. It's also kinda funny that "os" also means "bone" in Latin. Ipso facto just means "by the fact itself" so it's not really a neat little saying like the rest of those...

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