More Horrendous Jokes


Yesterday the Torts final happened. You know that part in The Princess Bride when the guy is in the Pit of Despair and he has a year of his life sucked away? That's how I felt afterwards. But then, there was beer.

I don't know what it is about tort law that brings out the second-grade comedian in me, but regardless:

What do you call the ghost of a potato?
A spectater.

What do you call a tyrannical potato ruler?
A dictater.

What do you call an introspective potato that is made up of many smaller potatoes?
A meta-tater.

What do you call a potato that copies you?
An imitater.

What do you call a potato that's a very close friend but is also threatening?
An intimate-tater.

What do you call a German potato that kills people?
A taeter.

I realize this is just the same punchline over and over again, but after growing up on "hare/hair" jokes I think I'm operating under diminished capacity.


What do you call a potato growing on your penis?

Very alarming.

you get this tendency from the squelch top tens, don't you.

If the words of "Amazing Grace" were embroidered along the bottom of your Jacket, would that be a "Hymn Hem", or a "Hem Hymn"?

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