Every Book Chuck Palahniuk Has Ever Written


Section 1

I hate my job. I hate this commercialist, culturally bankrupt, detached, lonely, isolated society we live in. Everybody in the world is wrong except me. But I hate myself anyway.

Section 2

By the way, I have this remarkable quality that sets me apart from everyone else. That's part of the reason I hate everything. So I'm superior, but in an inferior way. God, I hate myself.

Section 3

I just met this person or persons who have the same or similar remarkable quality that I do, and also hate everything, but at the same time they seem to be really enjoying life and have everything figured out. I guess I'll hang around with him, her, or them for a while.

Section 4

Road trip!

Section 5

God, I hate this person or persons that I'm on this road trip with. But at the same time, I love him, her or them. I think they represent what I hate about myself, or maybe what I'm aspiring to be. Can they both be the same thing? Probably. Nothing makes sense anymore in this backward near-future society we live in. There are no morals, and no values. Love and hate are the same. Look how deep I am.

Section 6

Wow! I just found out who he, she, or they really is (or are), and what a surprise!

Section 7

Well, I guess that didn't work out so I'll go do something else. Maybe I'll kill myself. Does it really matter?


Don't dis Chuck.

dumb bitch

i'm amazed and thinking that you're one of those close-minded people who can't see the beauty under simple words.

I agree with you completely.

Thank god that somebody else sees this! I know I'm incredibly late, but this has been killing me! A friend suggested I read diary, and I just started today, and within the first 20 summat pages, I'm disgusted with it. It hits me as vapidly and excessively self-important, with a defeatist and all-hope-is-lost tone mixed in just in case you missed the waves of depression beforehand. Annoyingly pathetic, overall, and so thank you so much for this - it let me know I'm not insane!

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