Silenced Fury


While drawing this week's strip in the lounge this afternoon I overheard the exact same conversation numerous times: "How was your break?" "Too short." This made me feel like a hack, since that's basically the gist of my offering this week.

But there's also murder, or at the very least first degree manslaughter, so there's that going on as well. Of course, the humor of impulse killing has been explored at length in other, more readable online comic strips, so I'm still a giant hack.

Finally, let me just say that in no way is the T-shirt included in this week's strip meant to imply that Boalt students roam the country casting spells on strippers, nor does it indicate any desire to actually kill any Boalt student or anyone otherwise affiliated with Boalt. Boalt is just a well-known and convenient alternative law school with a sensibly-sized break, and I didn't feel like giving USC any undue publicity. I like Boalt. Hooray Boalt.

Post-finally, I've arrived at a title for my autobiography, which will be written at a time not now. It will be called Boring Stories About Myself, and will include an appendix of fictional lesbian erotica inspired by women I've dated.

If law and charlatanism don't work out, I think I may have a future in advertising. Here are some slogans I came up with during my travels in the Bay Area over the holidays.

The Metreon Food Court: Our staff may be surly, but at least the food is overpriced.

The MOMA: We put the "art" in "fart."

It's a bleak, dismal future, but a future all the same.


excellent title.
I have nothing witty to say. you trumped me.

Were the strippers in this strip inspired by the real life strippers in my life? Hmmm? I think so!


that's all I have to say really... Cute strip.


First Degree Manslaughter?

yeah, yeah, okay, it would be voluntary manslaughter in MPC parlance, but some places call voluntary manslaughter first degree manslaughter (or at least i assume so since they're always saying "man one" on law and order). it follows that involuntary manslaughter would be second degree manslaughter.

i'm not sure if i used "parlance" correctly just now, but the dictionary is all the way over there.

I think any time you have a chance to use the word "parlance," the only incorrect choice is not using that word.

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