Which Types for the Plugs

Here's the most bizarre message yet to grace the inbox of the sadly neglected I Fought the Law e-mail account.

Dear Madam or Sir,

It's an honor to know your company through the web.

We are a large exporter of which specialize in exporting all kinds of
power cords, plugs, cordsets, extension cords, sockets, and so on.
Now we are planning to incorporate our business activities in your
market, and we will be much obliged for your introduction to a most
reliable importer handling this field.
We've exported a large quantity of power cords to many countries, and
enjoying a high reputation through excellent quality and price. We
believe you have a great demand of power cords, please don't hesitate to
contact us if you are interested in.

Please advise us the following:
1) Specification: VDE approved cables H05VV-F, H03VV-F, H03VVH2-F,
H05RN-F, H07RN-F series, etc. with various Europe plugs, UL approved cables
SJT, SJTW, SPT-1,2, SVT, ST series, etc. with various USA plugs and
other countries cables and plugs;
2) What's the length, Color, end requirements for the cables?
3) Which types for the plugs?
4) Quantity per order?

Please send us the drawings or some samples for these cables and plugs
so that we can quote you the best prices immediately.

Please transfer this letter to the buyer of your company. Your kind
attention to this matter will be much appreciated.

With thanks and best regards,

Shanghai Foundoor Electrical Co., Ltd.

Steven Xu
Export Manager

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