I Banged a Supreme Court Justice


The title does all the saying that needs to be said about this week's strip. So here are a few things from the weekend.

I nearly lost control of myself laughing when I overheard this side of a cell phone conversation on the bus back from 3rd Street t'other day:

"Oh, I think Peter's going to be in there fore a looooong time. You know, he takes off all his clothes while he's in there. ... In the turlet. ... In the TUR-let. He takes off all his clothes. ... Yeah, shoes, socks, everything. ... Well, you can ask him when he comes out, after he gets dressed."

Also, the girlfriend and I were attacked by a pug a little while ago, and I've been meaning to spread the word. She carefully swung her purse at it to no avail, and I managed to keep it at bay by loudly clapping my hands. This same technique worked against a neighborhood racoon last month who was trying to defile my laundry. I highly recommend clapping at animals to get them to go away, since at the very worst they'll start dancing instead of attacking you.

Those who know me might also know that one of my recurrent nightmares is being attacked by large animals, usually large dogs, so the whole pug assault was very surreal. I'll try the clapping in my dreams and let you know how it turns out.


are those actual caricatures of your girlfriends sitting on the bench? that would have been mass cool. or IS, depending on your answer to the first question.

vote yes on the third option punchline, which i didn't even get to vote on.

come on, allen. you know i only date white girls.

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