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A new strip has been posted for all to see and muse over. Our inspiration this week comes from the fact that a growing number of people in my class, especially me, are finding that Constitutional Law is as dull as toast while Property (Property, for God's sake) is closer to to the "girls making out" end of the boredom spectrum. Our eyes glaze over like honey hams at the mere mention of Brown v. Board, but you get us going on the finer points of gifts inter vivos and we'll start missing meals.*

(Anonymous grading aside, I'd just like to say that it's more a function of the material than the professors. I can't read more than three pages of my Con Law book without taking a nap, whereas the pages of the Property text fly by like I'm reading Chuck Palahniuk. Hooray, professors. I love you all.)

I have my own theories as to why our opinions have fallen where they have, but whenever I try to explain any of them I always end up saying, "Law students are arrogant and insensitive. And so's my dick." Accordingly I'll open it up to public opinion via the handy dandy comments feature below.

In other news, I went to dinner with the girlfriend, John, Julie, and John's mother the other night (a little family-owned** Italian place in Sunset Beach -- great food, reasonable prices, lonely bartenders, quite an experience) and we decided that heterosexual women can be lumped into two groups: those who think Legolas is hot and those who think Aragorn is hot. (If X-Men is more your thing, you can use Cyclops and Wolverine.) The girlfriend is an Aragorn/Wolverine girl, which means that I need to stop being such a sissymary. I'll work on that.

Finally, Mimi the cat has a cold. If anyone knows any cold remedies for cats please send them along. I'm tired of having her sneeze on me.

*You see, because we'll be so busy talking about Property that we'll forget to eat.

**The original draft lacked a hyphen between "family" and "owned," resulting in the sense that the restaurant was owned by a little family, or a family of little people. It's like those old grade school aptitude tests where you had to eliminate sentences like "Joan watched a parade on her front lawn."


I'd like to interpose here with a corollary- I said that Wolverine was hot, no question there. However, Aragorn needs to find his way to a blow drier. I don't understand how, but his hair is wet or damp in EVERY shot! He must have had mildew on his scalp by the end of shooting.

and i've got to say that i find aragorn AND legolas excessively hot, so i dunno if women can be divided into these seperate camps of thought of yours so easily... revise your theory!

whereas i was really drawn to gandalf/dr.wheels (or whatever patrick stuart's xmen character's name is). but that is a problem i'm getting help for.

nobbaq: definitely in your camp on the aragorn hair. my theory is that the elf and dwarf, resentful over taking orders from a human, take turns spitting on his head all night while he's asleep.

patrick stuart?!?! woman!!! that's ian mckellen!!! ahhh!! i don't know you anymore! strike your name from the memory banks!

p.s. though, spitting! funny!

Maybe she's drawn to both those characters and is not confusing Ian McKellan for Patrick Stewart. And while I understand the Patrick Stewart thing I think Kristen always goes for the wacked out wise characters. Ahem... Giles on Buffy, Gandalf in LOTR, and Savah in Elfquest (although she's a girl it was her favorite character). I'm sure there are more. She likes them deep thinkers. Too bad they're always really old.

oh i see what you think she is saying.....interesting, have you noticed that in both xmen and lotr that ian mckellen likes to say the word "hope" a lot. but in one he is pro and the other he is against. fascinating. no really. i have no life. NO. Really.

yeah, not mckellen. in either film. i like patrick all the way, and theodan...i like the strong older men who WIN, not the ones who LOSE.

dammit what was his name though. professor something?

professor Xavier? leader of the X-men. i don't think i can stress these X'S enough here.

theoden sucked ass and was ugly. but then so was lucius malfoy and you have a thing for him too....i think actually, nuala, kristen's predilection is for ugly, stupid guys. (sorry gene).

mind you mckellan won in LOTR. but his nose was all weird.

can i point out i was also attracted to dumbledore.

just so we're clear, ian mckellen is in x-men, but patrick stewart plays professor charles "dr. wheels" xavier, or "professor x." ian mckellen plays the more sinister and able-bodied eric mangus "magneto" lensherr. does the fact that i never really read the comic book make this knowledge all the more doarkey?

yeah but you know at least my prediliction is also for three-dimensional men who are of age, as opposed to two dimensional boys in short pants. ms. mocky mcmockerton.

So wait, you're not drawn to gandalf? You were just trying to state is was all about Mr. Patrick Stewart? Who you thought played gandalf?

oh, wait. i did say i was drawn to gandalf didn't i.

well i WAS, in the book. but in the movie no.

see: all my actions this week re: I am dumb.

ps at no point did i think patrick stuart was in LOTR or ian was in a wheelchair. i am dumb but not THAT dumb.

I think "Dr. Wheels" is a better name than "Professor X," especially since the X-Men are, at their core, just a superhero version of the multi-racial, tolerance-minded Wee Pals of comic strip fame.

it's true. token disabled guy, token steel-clawed's such a pacific bell ad.

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