Hopeless Bleak Despair


Dear friends,

The astute reader will notice that, rather than draw a whole new strip this week, I've merely cannibalized a previous strip and ham-fistedly replaced the dialogue with new, self-referential, unfunny dialogue. But I can explain. Baby, please just hear me out.

As previously discussed, I've managed to buy the one faulty laptop that Sony ever made. Fortunately this time the malfunction was purely structural: the hard drive and data remained largely intact while the monitor went through an entire morning of painful, heart-wrenching death throes before expiring in a violent convulsion of flickers and whiteness. And now, Sony is keeping my computer for approximately two weeks, leaving me without porn, without home Internet access, and (most importantly for our purposes), without anything to plug my scanner into.

At first I considered taking a hiatus from I Fought the Law while the Piece of Fucking Shit was being healed. After all, I've got a memo to write (on library computers), and OCIP is looming, so why not take this opportunity to focus on other things. But then I thought of you folks, the nearly half-dozen readers who depend on me for arrogant, inaccessible, self-indulgent humor week after week, and I decided that I would make do with what I had, providing marginally funny dialogue even if the fruits of my sketchpad are barred from the digital world for a time.

So there you have it. As the brassy theme from Masterpiece Theater floods your brain for the next two weeks, know that I'll be doing my damndest to come up with an alternate punchline that still sensibly involves Kam wearing a potato sack.




Matt, you realize you're the only person under 40 who actually knows the Masterpiece theater theme, thus rendering your humor inaccessible to the great masses of your audience?

ooh, she beat me to it.

national geographic's theme, on the other hand...

Wait a sec. Doesn't it go something like, "DADADA DA DA DA DADADADADA DA DA DA DA DA-DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAA DA DA???

And let me say that your half dozen readers appreciate the extra effort taken to publish the stip in this time of lap-top dispair...

Matt, I don't use the word "hero" very often, but you are the greatest hero in American history.

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