Think of the Wedding! Oh, Dear God, Won't Somebody Think of the Wedding???


Overheard in the student lounge:

"My friend just got engaged, but she's freaking out. Her fiancee is in the military, so if a war starts his contract might be extended. And if that happens he'll want to get married right away so she'll be entitled to the benefits. So, you know, she's going crazy, because if she has to get married in, like, six months, she won't have time to plan it. She may have to settle for, like, a small ceremony with a party at some restaurant."


Let me just state for the record in late September the "small ceremony and a party at some restaurant" sounded pretty freakin good to me... You know what sounded even better? Vegas, a limo, and a whole shit-load of booze. But as it turned out, we had a great time, there was minimal drama, and we did some SERIOUS damage to that bar! Bravo Julie!

Nothing like worrying about the good old wedding when the one you love (the whole purpose for the ceremony, or so I used to think) is heading off into the dangers of war!

I would like to thank this woman, wherever she is, for making me look like the best girlfriend ever.

On the upside, if he dies, she will someday get to plan a better wedding.

damn, kenny. i mean, damn.

I'm with Kenny... clearly the groom's spot in the ceremony is replacable... it's the ceremony itself that matters. Stupid Matt.

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