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Behold the new strip, posted late, but better than never.

I never realized that a business suit was sexy until I was watching Patriot Games with the girlfriend a while ago and she said of Harrison Ford, quite unexpectedly, "Mmm. He looks good in that suit," much in the same way as the likes of me would say of any given screen actress, "Mmm. She looks good in that minidress" or "She looks good in that teddy" or "She looks good in that naked body."

At one point I tried to convince the girlfriend that she looked at Jack Ryan in that torso-hugging suit and saw power, money, success, and all the other patriarchal things that women are traditionally supposed to find attractive in a man without actually knowing anything about him as a person, and that therefore she was objectifying Harrison just as much as I had objectified the assistants on that Secrets of Magic show by focusing on the overt sexuality that they exuded as they twisted and cavorted and made each other disappear, and that in that one passing remark she had licensed me to drool over any old pair of boobies that happened along the TV screen. Not surprisingly, the comparison didn't fly. I should have known better than to lift an argument from Maxim

In my defense, it was from a Mike Soutar issue of Maxim. In my further defense, I also think Patricia Heaton is hot, so figure that one out.


Dude, don't let Tyler find out you like the mom from "Everybody Loves Raymond," or he'll come down to Santa Monica and berate you his Brad Garrett voice, which he thinks is a Ray Romano voice. Anyway, the distance from Santa Monica and Tyler's palatial estate in Notraymondsylvania is not great, so look out.

Hey! I don't remember you consulting my pr agent before publishing quotes from me! However, since you let me win the argument, I'll let it slide.

ahhh meli, you're so right about suits.

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