We May Not Care, But At Least We Listen


I'm not sure how long our new fuzzy character will stick around before being forgotten in the eddies of my creativity. If I decide to give him a name it'll be an encouraging sign.

The girlfriend and I went to the Ballet on Saturday. There were four short ballets, culminating in a ballet version of Medea with a big Tree of Death and all kinds of neat capes. I was somewhat disturbed by how much I enjoyed the single all-male ballet performance, but if you could see what these fine southern gentlemen were doing with their bodies, well, you might not mind looking at the ass-hugging leotards so much.

Being the contrarian that I am I managed to antagonize the girlfriend on at least two points. First I criticized the above-mentioned ass-huggingness of the boys' leotards, prompting her to point out that part of the ballet experience is appreciating the human form. I countered by noting that the female dancers' leotards not only laid flat against their respective bottoms (instead of thrusting up the ole crack like the mens' did), but were further covered by flimsy yet optically impenetrable skirts, so nobody was too worried about appreciating any huwoman forms. Heh heh heh.

I also tried her patience with a brief synopsis of the episode of Mr. Belvedere where Wesley is taking ballet lessons and George is none to happy about it, but at the end George loudly tells off a fellow father for calling Wesley a sissy. We determined that it wasn't so much an "It's okay to be gay" episode as an "It's okay to do ballet because it doesn't mean you're gay" episode before I went off on all the other very special episodes of Mr. Belvedere, including the one where Wesley's friend can't play Abraham Lincoln in the school play because he has AIDS, the one where Heather gets date raped by the captain of the football team, and the two separate episodes where Kevin gets drunk and they worry he's an alcoholic. Supposedly it's not a good idea to discuss Mr. Belvedere at a ballet, but as far as I'm concerned anytime is a good time for Belvedere.

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience.

The end.


There's an episode where Kevin gets subscribed to something called the Booze-of-the-Month club, but I think that might be in a fantasy sequence from a weird Rashomon-like-but-not-very-special episode of the show.

Uh, "brief synopsis"? Folks, we're talking the entire second intermission. Here we are, dressed up, at a grown-up cultural event at the lovely SF War Memorial Opera House (see Pretty Woman for a view of it), and my man decides this is the moment to loudly discourse on his Mr. Belvedere knowledge. Call me shallow, I shut him up.

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