Curse of the Afterborns


Quiz Master Steve sent this my way. If you thought you were living in a nation of fools because of last week's duct tape fiasco, you're in for an extra special treat on the other side... of the link.

In lighter news, mockumentarian Christopher Guest and his band of Merry Men are at it again, in case you haven't heard. The group shot alone is enough to keep anyone giggling until the April release date.


"We do not accept telegrams from people who are still grieving...We also do not accept telegrams from anyone who is mentally incompetent..."

if i were sending a telegram to a dead person, i think i could safely be qualified as both of those things.

i can't tell you how bright my morning is, now that i know how stupid i COULD be but amn't.

"It is the webmaster's hope that the publicity that this
site generates will draw attention to his murder mystery game site titled "Stickman Murder" "

based on your brillaint web design and marketing strategy here? Oh yeah, sign me up!

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