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A shorter, furtive Holohan.


So at first I thought the thing in the lower left corner was supposed to represent the loving sentiment expressed by the two words "me" and "you". But then I realized that no self-respecting faux brick wall would misspell the word "you". I have come to the conclusion that this wall is an aspiring Hitler, with designs on all of Europe, expressed by the aspirational phrase: "My EU". The wall must be stopped.

meli's actualy initials are actually "M.E." so it's too bad my name isn't Yuri Ulrich.

because, you see, then i'd be named after two guys in bands: napster foe lars ulrich of metallica, and package-smushing drummer yuri from the federal express commercial where the guy "gets to use van for rock-and-roll band," and yells at yuri not to "smush package, what are you kidding me?"

I would like to thank Matt for his kind tolerance of my obsession with photo booths.

hey, just because we're married doesn't mean we're gay.

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