She's the Mom From Everybody Loves Raymond

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Help yourself to a heaping helping of I Fought the Law. There's at least one joke in every frame of this week's strip, except for the second one, but there are several in the first one so it all evens out. Trust me.

This week's inspiration comes from a flyer that showed up in our mailboxes last week, placed there by unknown phantoms of employment offering the following "service": For a nominal fee, a law student can videotape an interview to be included on a DVD, which will then theoretically be distributed to law firms across the country. Then, in a chocolate-covered fantasy world, the firms seek out the interviewees they like and offer them big Ed McMahon-shaped checks. It's like a dating service, only for law students. Supposedly the flyer, which contained a picture of a guy sweeping garbage out of the street, was offensive to a number of students (not to mention one of our esteemed deans, who saw fit to send out an apology e-mail despite the fact that no one actually involved with the school had anything to do with its distribution). But as far as I'm concerned the only offensive thing about it was the belief that anyone at UCLA would fall for something like that. I mean, really.

Happy quincenyera, Paige! There won't be any money left for your wedding!

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There was a great joke on the Simpsons lastnight, during the episode where Marge Sues "Big Sugar." They were looking for a lawyer and someone quoted a statistic about the over-abunance of JDs being cranked out by law-schools. And then Gil jumps out and starts washing the Simpson's Car windshield with his deploma. Good stuff.

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