I Am the Winner


The UCLA Graduate Students Association is having itself a bit of a logo contest. I've narrowed my entries down to four candidates. If you have any opinion as to which one I should enter, please share via the comments section.

Entry 1: Health Consciousness

Entry 2: Psycho Bear

Entry 3: The Glamour Project

Entry 4: Psycho Bear Alternate


Psycho Bear 1 al the way!

i like psycho bear #4 better than #2. but i also like #1 and #3. i'm really not very definitive.

i like psycho bear #4 best...probably most representative of the student population, especially on friday nights.

i would have gone with glamour but the garter looks sort of like a big gash in her leg, so i have to go for psycho bear #4.

I vote for picture #2, psycho bear the first.

Um... I hate to break up this lovefest, but I think this is my moment to officially declare you insane, Matt.

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