Angels' Trumpets and Devils' Trombones


I lied about posting a strip yesterday. Well, it wasn't a lie, because I believed it was true at the time. But a strip will be posted. Eventually.

But more importantly, I'm engaged!

The deal was sealed over the weekend amid numerous hugs and flowers and stuffed cats and phone calls to parents. The wedding itself will take place either next summer or the following summer (after I take the bar), depending in part on various extraneous circumstances which are largely beyond our control. I'm planning on having multiple bachelor parties.

So go ahead and let your daughters out. This cat's found a home.


thank god i can finally let my two year old out of the house. she was getting a wee mite antsy.

i feel a little wierd being the first commenter here since i don't even know you. but whatever. congradulations!

Congrabulations! more grabbing.

DUDE! What were the details? Yay! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Meli is a lucky woman.

P.S. No new strip?!?

Congratulations. I am happy for you guys. I was trying to think of something clever to say, but I couldn�t come up with anything thing that won�t get me in trouble. So I�ll stick with CONGRATULATIONS, and if you guys make a stop in Santa Cruz on the "we�re engaged publicity tour", we�ll buy you dinner, pump you for details, and drown you in wedding advice. (don�t let that deter you though, we�d love to see you)

Mmmmm "pump you for details..." But seriously.

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you both! You guys definitely need to come down at some point so we can all celebrate!!!

and seriously, if you need any help with anything, advice, ideas, ANYTHING! don't hestitate to ask.... i miss planning my own wedding...

You guys rock... thanks for all the congrats! We are definitely coming to SC sometime in the near future... as I understand it, there is new pale indian ale to be brewed.

I have one thing to say, though, to my affianced: I love you, I adore you, and I really hope my mother doesn't log on this week and see the title of this blog!

i just heard! congrats and all that other good stuff.

Matt, I am so happy for you both.......U know how much I love you and now Meli too...I hope your Mother doesn't see the Title of this!!!!

Come see us soon.

John's Mom

holy shit. i just now read this. congratulations!

Honestly, Matt. We're supposed to find out about your engagement via your log? This is big news. If you want a stuffed cat from me, I want an e-mail announcement, at least. ;)

Congrats to both you and Meli. It's all very exciting, especially after watching this week's Married by America with Zack, Kenny and Stephanie and making our own wedding invitation lists.

I have no daughter as of yet, but if you're lucky, I may release an egg from my womb in your honor.


Congrats, Mat. I'm happy for you guys, but is the title really necessary/appropriate for what is essentially your engagement announcement to your friends who aren't cool enough to get a fancy little paper announcement with ribbons and slip sheets n' shit? Post pictures of your wedding when the time comes!

we have a date! christmas 2004, motherfuckers. we may have to move the l.a. bachelor party up so we can get it in under the impending ban on lapdances. more on that forthwith.

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