I Will Come Down There and Hang You All


A new strip is up at last. Any explanation as to the delay would make less sense than the strip itself. Let me just say, however, that while I was inking it I realized that there's more than one Elizabethan drama joke in the first frame. Also, look closely for the ghost of Andrew Jackson.

In other news, the Master of Cement Horizon recently suggested that I register the strip with OnlineComics.net, which is something that I went ahead and did. Unfortunately I accidentally picked "Horror" instead of "Humor" for the category, so until the error is corrected my strip is listed in the company of shit like this.

I think that'll do it for now. There's a chance that I may take next week off, it being Law Review write on week and all, but I'll see what I can scratch together.


aerodynamics be damned.
even if my wings were functional i would still probably not be airborne.
and no birds sing.

Flapping my wings disturbs the dust.
Whenever I try to sound poetic,
I look like I'm trying to pass a particularly
large BM.

I wish I were aloft to escape my own BM.

i applaud you, HB.

poop, poop,
it gets in my soup,
i'm wishing for fruity loops,
but what i've got is poop.

they've put me in a coop
i can no longer swoop
and my life is full of poooooooooo-ooooooooo-ooop.

I keep flapping around but cannot lift off.
It's like I am trying to fly but it isn't possible.
Flap! Flap! Flap! No go.
Seriously, there is no flying happening here.

If flying were a country and I were a citizen of that country then I would be a poverty-stricken crack addict wiht one shoe missing.

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