Fog Day


I realize there's a war going on, but I'm not going to let a little thing like armed global conflict interrupt my nonsensical cartooning. The centerpiece of this week's adventure (by which I mean the center frame) actually happened on the night I graduated from college, a night which precipitated a month of drunken unemployment, a new car, and several heartfelt conversations with Chatbot. In short, a simpler time for a simpler people. While I'm not entirely sure I've reproduced the physics-illiterate would-be beer drinker accurately, the renditions of the two disinterested onlookers in the background are pretty much bang-on, right down to the diaphanous sleeves and satchel-strap.

Other elements of that particular party that didn't make it out of my pen were the fact that the party was held in an apartment complex that used to be a barn, and there was a bonfire that drew some firefighters who were sweet-talked away by one of the tallest female future veterinarians ever I did see. Jason's sister was there, too. No, not that Jason, the other Jason.

There's some lovely war-related talk going on elsewhere on the Cement Horizon. Check some of that out, why don't you.


In frame one the wind has blown Kam's scarf back and the backdrop is blue. Yet in frame three the scarf hangs limp like the manhood of an upper penninula grandfather, and the backdrop has turned gray. Are we supposed to believe that this was some sort of short lived magic wind capable of chipping the paint off the back wall? I hope someone got fired for that.

well, actually, in the third frame ted's fat ass is blocking the wind. also, you're farther away from the wall in the third frame, so there are more air particles to scatter the light before it hits you. it's the same kind of thing that makes brown mountains look purple from a distance. see? physics IS useful!

say it with me now: eat...a...dick!

Was that the same party where the guy in the Mexican wrestler mask elbow dropped into the bonfire, setting the lawn ablaze?

it very well may have been. i missed most of the bonfire chaos, arriving just in time to catch the tail-end of the firefighter sweet-talking. i don't remember many details beyond the keg instructional and musing over the circularity of my college experience. the ghosts of that barn will haunt me forever.

Hope you caught the NCAA 2nd round game betwixt MSU and Florida. It featured 2 Matt Dopelgangers: Adam Ballinger and Matt Bonner:

damn, no HTML postings....

i guess we asians all look the same to you, eh, roundeyes?

That first pic bears a scary resemblance. It honestly looks like someone photoshopped your head onto a basketball players lanky-ass body. I think you should sue. Or at least start pretending that you are this Ballinger dude at parties.

I think one of Ballinger's biceps is bigger than Matt's whole body. Minus his head, of course.

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