Jokes for Kids and their Parents, Too


There was a chicken ranch out in the hills, and in the hills lived a lonely wolf. Every night, the wolf would climb to the top of a hill overlooking the chicken ranch and bay at the moon. He would do this all night, until the moon went away. The chickens didn't seem to mind.

Unfortunately, a sudden wave of veganism in the area gutted the market for eggs and poultry, and the chicken ranch had to close down and relocate away from the hills, and away from the wolf. The wolf stopped baying at the moon once the chicken ranch was gone.

Then one night, a friendly bear visited the wolf in his den. The bear approached the wolf and said, "Tell me, friend, why is it that we never hear you baying at the moon anymore?"

And the wolf replied, "No farm, no howl."


There once was a man from Nantucket...
named Oliver Wendell HOLEmes

sandra "all day, all night" o'connor

way to put the cart before the horse, guys.

Ruth Masterbader Ginsberg, Robert Jackoffson, Bushrod Washington, Hugo Big Black Cock, William Tit-tuist, Clarence Thomas, annnnd, oh, Melville W. Full-of-semen, why not.

Dianna's response:
*fall onto the bed kicking and screaming*

i'm not sure if that was a positive or negative response. either way, though, i forgot "harlan fist stone."

Don't you mean Harlan Fiste Stone?

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