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Apparently I've been hanging out with the right people, because I got a letter from the Beverly Hills Country Club today (addressed to me) inviting me to "become acquainted with [their] friendly, neighborhood private club." In case you were wondering, membership in their fine club is "exclusive, but not exclusionary. Notable members of the Board of Governors include Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Chris Carter, Barbara Eden, George Hamilton(!), Alan King, Tommy Lasorda, Leslie Moonves(!), Wolfgang Puck, Nancy and Tina Sinatra, and Dr. Harvey A. Zarem.

Some day, perhaps.

By the way, I'm not bragging. There's no way in God's Holy Hell I could get into the BHCC in my current state of affairs. I hope somebody got fired for this.


This has nothing todo with your post, but I thought you shoudl know anyway... I just saw a comercial for a Santa Cruz Family Lawyer. The whole comercial was shots of the lawyer standing on a hillside overlooking the redwood forest and the rest of Santa Cruz wilds while his services are spelled out in blocky text on the screen, "Support. Visitation" etc. The at the end the voice over says, "jose cortez. Outstanding in his field." Get it!! OUT STANDING IN HIS FIELD!!

Needless to say I thought of you!

oh, that's glorious. much better than �Accidentes!

i used to hang out with the guitar player from a band that nancy sinatra's daughter used to sing for. i still have their cd. (pretty much, they suck.) i am practically a member of that country club.

goddamn santa cruz family lawyer. jose cortez sucks.

Family Law... so that's where NFL kickers go to die.

Funny thing is, BHCC is not even in Beverly Hills. It's a's actually in Rancho Park. Just thought you should know, so you don't feel too badly.

wretched posers! i'll never join your stupid club! buzz aldrin, indeed!

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