Happy Birthday, Fruit Scone!


Forty years ago this week, the Pop Tart was invented by a Kellogg's employee named (oddly enough) Post. Just imagine, a mere four decades ago people were walking around without benefit of preservative-loaded toaster pastries.

Did you know...

Two BILLION Pop Tarts are sold annually in the United States, and that doesn't include knock-offs like Toaster Strudel and those god-awful store brands.

The first city to encounter the Pop Tart was Cleveland, Ohio, where the warm reception sparked nation-wide distribution.

The original Pop Tarts were round.

Froster Pop Tarts were developed in 1967, when a forward-thinking Kellogg's employee ran a few Pop Tarts through a cookie froster. The suits upstairs screamed No! You fool! The toaster will melt the frosting! But the frosting remained intact, toaster be damned, and now two of the four most popular Pop Tart varieties are frosted.

I don't particularly care for Pop Tarts.

This guy Amir in my math class freshman year was never seen without a Pop Tart and a bottle of Dr. Pepper, and his legs shaked constantly when he sat down.

Now you know.


I thought the best part of this story was how Mr. Post would bring home new creations to his kids all the time, all of which they hated. Wouldn't you hate to be those kids?

"Here, kid, eat this."

Another interesting Pop Tart fact is that 60% of them are counterfeit.

does that mean that 60% of all Pop Tarts are fake Pop Tarts or that 60% of each Pop Tart is fake food?

I don't have the Harper's Index in front of me now to cite exactly, but the number of Pop Tarts dropped on Afghanistan(remember that war?) as part of 'humanitarian food aid' was something like 50,000.
those left with legs must have been shaking bad.

Are afghani toasters compatible with US poptarts? Just a question...

OMG I LOVEEEEE POPTARTS. They are myy favorite. Everyone at school calls me poptart cause i like them that muchh. Almost every week somone brings me poptartss!!!Who actrully invented Pop-Tarts?

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