Arr, Matey


My man JMV over at Octopus Hat has alerted me to advertising for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I'm conflicted about this film. On the one hand, it's a Disney movie. On the other hand, it has more hot girls than the ride. On the other hand, it's a Bruckheimer movie. On the other hand, pirates! On the other hand, there's the "try wearing a corset" joke in the trailer, which means that the script writers have fallen into the familiar trap of using bad, obvious humor to pretend they have progressive views on gender. On the other hand, undead skeleton pirates!

I was really hoping to get that up to eight as an homage to Allen's Octopus opus, but I have failed. You've been worsted again, Allen.

But what I'm really wondering, really, is this. Disney is making a movie based on a ride. Are they going to make another ride based on the movie based on the ride? And if so, will it have a live-action or animatronic Keira Knightly?


allen cannot be wurst-ed
he is a vegan
and you are what you eat

thank you and good night

but he could be gemachtohnefleischodermilchwurst-ed, oder?

Bloody Hell! That's the girl from Bend it Like Beckham.

And I'm all for the Pirates! Arghhh

zombie pirates get my vote everytime.

ooh, the pretty girl! but her hair is too long here. does she play a walking skeleton? she's skinny enough.

i only recently heard "i fought the law," the actual song, and now it stays in my head for days every time i read this blog. damn you, holohan.

I love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, but not as much as Splash Mountain. Damn, that's a good ride, especially the big drop at the end. Anyway, I thought that picture was of Natalie Portman (source). I've never even heard of this Knightly girl before, so I did a little research on her and if you thinks she looks good here, check this out. So, she's cute. I think that's a great reason to see the film, Mat. Perhaps your lady (and anyone else interested) will appreciate that Orlando Bloom is also in the film and, of course, the once-hot Johnny Depp. But, nowadays, whenever I look at Johnhy Depp, all I can see is Hunter S. Thompason... *shudder*

Bah, my links didn't work... maybe if I were computer literate this kind of thing wouldn't happen to me.

My question is, what is up with that little zombie thing in the very begining of the trailer? WHAT IS IT? I can only hope that it is indeed a ZOMBIE MONKEY. in which case the movie will be the greatest ever made as it will have Pirates, Johnny D, and ZOMBIE mother-fucking MONKEYS!

i looked at it frame by frame and it looks like it's definitely hanging from something, so it might just be a regular dead monkey. but the facial expression does change slightly, particularly the openness of the mouth and the eyes. so i don't know.

since the undead-ness of the pirates comes from a curse, this begs the question: can monkeys be cursed?

also, why is johnny depp wearing eyeliner? you'd think that if they were going to have johnny depp and orlando bloom in the same movie and one of them was going to be a gay pirate, it would be orlando. i'm so confused.

The final proof that I am goofy for Matt will be if I ever see this godawful movie. I have better plot ideas than this while singing in the shower.

But do they (your shower-plot ideas) involve ZOMBIE MONKEYS?

If "Not in silence" is who I think it is than her in a shower is the best movie I've ever heard of!

paul, them's fightin' words. i'll thank you to keep to your gold-hearted gold club strippers.

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