This is Not a Comic Strip


I ask that you not read this week's update. Note that I use the word "update" instead of the usual "strip."

If you insist on taking a look anyway, what you're seeing is lecture notes from Property, specifically the Rule Against Perpetuities, which is actually a lot of fun, and inspires law students to write about fetuses in very large letters.

The point is, UCLA Law benefits from being one of two semester-based schools on a quarter-based campus, which means we get a teeny tiny Winter Break and classes that end in April, which means that I have an ass-load of outlining to do which, given the numerous other excuses I don't feel like writing down, leaves precious little time for drawrings. I apologize. Next week will be six panels. Just you wait.

In the meantime, this should help fill the void. When you tell people about this website it's extremely important to enunciate very clearly, as you'll find out the first time you don't.


AHHHHHHH who's da cutest little kittykins? you are!

snort gasp. did you LOOK at the bottom 20?

My mind boggles with delight at the thought of Matt's friend's faces when they borrow his notes.

Thanks for the recommendation Michele. The bottom 20 are definitely more funny than the "real" pictures. Have you checked out the comments?

Buttons' Fans

Cutest Non-Kitten

For anyone that wants to see some button pics (they've been deleted from the site), check out this link

good find, dr v. i'm glad the dio picture has resurfaced. i grew despondent when it disappeared from the bottom 20.

yes, the comments are really something. it takes a very special type of self-loathing individual to flame people on a kitten site.

hmm the non-kitten is pretty cute....

These Hot-or-Not clones are popping up everywhere. If I was smart I would go register right now, and then kick back as all the pictures came to me. Oh wait. Thats no good... --shudder--

Does anyone still have the Buttons/Dio pic on their hard drive? Can you please e-mail it to me at Thanks a lot!!!

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