Legally Blonde is a Fucking Lie

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Enjoy this week's double helping of IFTL. Earlier this week I came up with an idea for a guest-star named "Liti-gator: The Alligator Attorney" which may or may not be making an appearance in a bonus strip later this week. Don't hold your breath.

As for 1L tips, here are a few more. Keep up with The Sopranos, becuase about 65% of the conversations amongst your classmates will involve them in some way. Tony Soprano is also a perennial fixture in classroom hypotheticals, final exams, and law review prompts. It may also be a good idea to watch Legally Blonde if, unlike me, you can stomach Reese Witherspoon for more than a few seconds.

And most importantly, don't bitch about law schools you didn't get into. Unless you're at Yale or Harvard, everyone takes for granted that you'd rather be somewhere else. No need to bring it out into the open. It's very demoralizing.

But even more importantly, the fiancee and I ate at a restaurant in Brentwood this evening that had those walls of autographed pictures of famous people who had eaten there (famous people from the 70s and 80s, Molly adds, but famous people nonetheless). Anyway, among the stars was Gino "Felipe" Conforti, who played the high-strung chef on Three's Company. I felt especially honored to be dining in an establishment previously graced by such an icon of popular television, but oddly enough I resisted the urge to inflict episode synopses on Molly, like the one where Mr. Furley is helping out in the kitchen and he keeps driving Felipe crazy. "I want... to keel heem...." Good times.

1 Comment

molly probably wants ... to keel you too ... just a leeetle beet ... laughter the end

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