Contract Killing


I decided to go guest star heavy this week to cover up the overall weakness of the humor. Those who complain that IFTL is "only marginally law related" may be pleasantly surprised with our offering this week, though that pleasantness will turn into despair when they realize that the jokes aren't even funny within the legal context. But hey, if a state government can act incrementally in keeping unsafe operators out of public transportation, I can act incrementally in bringing more legal humor into my goddamn comic strip. That may be a local government, actually. I haven't really done much Con Law studying yet.

Anyway, enjoy the strip while you can, because I may be sued for likeness rights at any moment.

First final is on Tuesday. Hey, "first final" is kind of an oxy moron, right? Like "red buttons."


Holohan, you're slipping. That's not a R.A.P. problem at all. However, this was perhaps the most enjoyable strip in recent memory. Keep the law related strips coming.

your subtlety radar is off, kaplan. any time you use generic terms like "daughter" or "son" or "widow" in a conveyance you run into afterborn problems. using a name establishes the grantee as a life in being and kills any R.A.P. difficulties. so the professor is making an R.A.P.-style objection to a regular old contract, whence comes the comedy. sort of.

And how about those presidential middle names! Those are even more thrilling than RAP debates!

What are you getting at here, Bleh?

Allow me to explain, Steve:
1. You and Matt: brilliant
2. You and Matt: eccentric
3. Conversations between you and Matt: scintillating
4. Conversations between you and Matt overheard by a non-law student 3rd party: bewildering

actually, i don't think arguments about the rule against perpetuities are scintillating on anyone's meter. but i do get a little thrill every time i use the phrase "contaminated by afterborns." tee hee.

I would like to humbly point out to the author of this weeks comic strip that there is, in fact, a contracts dilemma that arises when the professor does not include the name of his daughter in his offer. All the material terms have not been specified. Of course, this is only a problem if the professor has more than one daughter which is not clear from the facts but suggested by the female professor's concern.

All names have been left out to protect the innocent. I did greatly enjoy, however, seeing these professors in cartoon form. Excellent work.

first of all, SHOW YOURSELF!!! at least via e-mail.

second of all, the contracts final was yesterday, and i'll be DAMNED if i'm going to entertain any more contracts talk until i start reviewing for the bar.

just kidding, employers! give me your contracts! i will draft and interpret the hell out of them! and like it!

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