It Becomes Increasingly Difficult to Escape My Past


An old high school friend has tracked me down and shanghaied me into a sinister plot to reunite my high school drama class, which should be great fun. In addition to bringing a giggle to my eye, the experience has presented me with the shameful picture reproduced above. Yes, I used to wear a flannel shirt, I used to slick my hair back, my forehead has always been that big, and there was a stretch of several years where I absolutely refused to smile in photographs. In short, I nailed the sullen teenager bit to the wall.

And in case you were wondering, that is, indeed, a cardboard cut-out of George H. W. Bush in the background.


Um, please correct yourself: you have a 5head. Those of us with nice, normal 4heads resent your implication that the great wall of 5head you demonstrate in this picture in any way is representative of us.

so who was the love you circled and the jerk with the arrow?

the picture didn't come from me, so i'm unfamiliar with the legislative history of those particular actions.

Ahhh, the drama club! Nice shades, Matty... ;)

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