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I'm working at Occidental Petroleum this summer, and before finalizing their offer they subjected me to a drug test. Although I passed with flying colors (mostly yellow), I thought that this would be a funny alternate universe, where the drug test is analyzed differently and I'm from Spain. If anyone knows of a good place to buy a cowboy hat, please let me know.

Also, today at lunch there weren't any spoons by the microwave, and since I didn't want to jackass all the way over to the student restaurant place to get a fork I ended up using two drinking straws as chopsticks, remembering my man Allen pulling a similar stunt a while back at Spats. Allen is like MacGyver that way.

Four days to freedom.


"...and since I didn't want to jackass all the way over to the student restaurant place..."

What? How is it that you're using jackass as a verb here? What planet are you from?

it's something i picked up from my mom, who's from long island. she was visiting me in berkeley, and my cousin lived in sausalito, so my mom said, "you don't want to jackass all the way over to sausalito, do you?" and i didn't.

dear matt, i have no recollection of this incident. possibly i placed two drinking straws together and then drinked out of them. is that what you're thinking of?

since spats is so expensive and they don't actually tell you what's in the drinks, i may have brought my own wine. and the macgyver theme music played as i chugged.

it's a shame you don't remember the incident, allen, since a really hot girl was involved.

hey, i liked this week's strip a lot. because pop culture has preprogrammed me to laugh at drug jokes.

What I enjoyed more than even the strip was Matt's first hand account of Steve's horror at his behavior. Which, of course, naturally spurred Matt on. Let this be a lesson to you, Steve...

Maybe Allen didn't have a straw, so he drank out of the chopsticks instead. I wouldn't put it past him.

Let this be a lesson? Steve learn nothing!!

i'll do anything with a chopstick / drinking straw / similarly chopstickable object to impress a hot girl. (not like you wouldn't, keane!)

ok i'll bite, who was the girl?

Hey.. where is my new strip and comments and topic to look at. I have no life and the only reason I have to go to work is to read all the crap you guys put up!!! Seriously now, I'm going thru withdrawal (sp) and I need a quick fix!!!

i'm on a mini-vacation until memorial day. the strip will be dormant, but there may be blog activity depending on how much computer time i can rustle up. until then, ratemykitten!!!!!

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