Woman Food


I must apologize. When I conceived this thing I had no idea that the imagery would be so disturbing. But once I drew that first set of man-breasts I realized that I had begat something truly unholy. But I also realized there was no turning back.

But in lighter news, I'm pretty sure this is the first strip I've drawn that has four breasts in each frame, which I like to think of as a personal accomplishment.


Fantastic, Holohan. The name of the strip alone thrills me. While this is not law related, its law school related, and that's an improvment.

I like to think that by a month you will have eight breasts in your strip.

slow down there, paul. let's have holohan start with five breasts and work his way up slowly. you don't want to overtax the kid.

I once freaked a guy out after I had given him a Midol because he said he had a headache and would take "anything" to make it go away... I told him it'd give him breasts and affect his hormones in various ways. He then went to go attempt to regurgitate the pill. Ah, that was soooo funny...

You law people must be doing finals or something. I've been waiting for my FIVE breasts and new things to read and no such luck. Wait don't breasts come in sets of two? How can you get five breasts on one page?

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