Dishonorable Mention


I'm sorry to announce that I have once again lost the National Organization for Women's Love Your Body Day poster contest. The winner is a shameless advertismenet for airlines, massage therapists, supermarkets, oil companies (hooray!), ski resorts, amusement parks, canoe excursion companies, upscale restaurants, and long distance companies. I guess NOW knows which side its bread is buttered on. Way to sell out, girls.

In the process of scanning the poster archive I discovered that there's a city called Boron, California, which is part of the Bakersfield, California metro area. I'll be sure and check it out this summer. After all, they have old buildings and shit.


The U.S. military's campaign in favor of pie has never gotten better press. Bravo, holohan!

Matt, Your Ad was so much better. I think someone should take a bullet in the shin for not picking yours. They should also take a bullet in the face for picking the one they did.

Paul has been a little surly as of late... I do agree that Matt was robbed, and that I will encourage the women in my life to eat some pie this coming October 15th

I would like to inquire of Mr. Holohan whether this is intended to be a slight against me, the fattest of the justices, in reaction to my refusal to answer you pie-eating contest challenge. If so, please be aware that I am not a member of NOW, nor am I blonde, and I prefer to cover up my happy pie-eating tummy tum with my severe judicial robes. Please see to it that you run a correction in which I am properly represented.

The thing about the real NOW poster is that if you put the things in the opposite order, it sounds like the shallow things are better. In fact, most of them last longer. Would you rather have a measly hour of massage...or a whole MONTH of fake tanning?! One pathetic nice dinner...or 12 whole issues of fashion magazines? A lousy afternoon in a canoe, or an attention-getting bra that you can wear over and over again?

...and while we're on the topic, should NOW, prominent supporters of the Democratic party, be supporting gas guzzling road trips that support *evil* oil companies such as, o, say, Occidental Petroleum?

heh heh, yeah, cause HEY!

i mean how many friends will these women have left, if they stop wearing lipstick and let themselves go? i know i won't be hanging out with these slobs.

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