First off, I'd like to give a plug, a Julie Plug, as it were, to Z's Jewelry, where many a beaded jewelry can be ordered. Check it out, I command you.

I've also made some minor tweaks and additions to the Links page and the sprawling Acknowledgments section. If you feel that you've been unfairly excluded from the acknowledgments it's probably because I couldn't think of anything clever to say about you.

Finally, I feel like a jerk. I actually had to go out and buy cat repellant today. To me it felt like buying hot girl repellant or donut repellant. But, I suppose if donuts and hot girls were taking dumps underneath my window I'd have to take similar action. My apologies to Jethro, the ninja cat, who will have to find somewhere else to do his business. But hopefully the offensive fumes from the cat spray will have some hallucinogenic properties, and you'll be able to stalk even more imaginary creatures on land, sea and air. Good luck with that, you aloof, turding bastard.

On a lighter note, one of the brands of animal repellant at the pet store was "See Spot GO!", which amused me slightly.


ahhhh, thanks for the link. i'll repay you in cheese.

one more tweak: i added a link to Slam Sucker, the long island-based comedy troupe belonged to by the Younger Holohan. the "sandor idiot" thing on the front page was posted by him. you'll notice that the page hasn't been updated since january, but if there's enough of a public outcry they may kick it into gear and make a second tape. come on, people!

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