Here's a new strip, breaking open the sensitive area of projectile eyelashes when no one else dares. To.

In other news, Molly and I have decided to fill the void left in our joint lives by the lack of TV getting through as many James Bond movies as we can this summer. So far we've watched Die Another Day with the help of Steve, The World is Not Enough with the help of the VCR, and Thunderball, with the help of neither thunder nor balls. In my research I've discovered that George Lazenby really gets a raw deal by James Bond fans. Everybody makes a big deal about how he was only in one James Bond movie, and therefore not nearly as legit as the other James Bonds. What they fail to mention is that Timothy Dalton was only in two J.B. movies, and nobody gives him any business*. Sure, OHMSS tanked, but so did License to Kill. And, rumor has it that they wanted Pierce Brosnan to take over as early as The Living Daylights, so Timothy Dalton was a second choice to begin with.

So, in conclusion, Lazenby ended up doing French porn. But Timothy Dalton was in a Masterpiece Theater version of Jane Fucking Eyre, for crumb's sake.

* The bad kind of business, like the time Sean wrote the sketch comedy send-up of my relationship with my crazy roommate.


1st. GOD DAMN that was easily the funniest strip since "Luna Bars!" you should totally have Claudio get stabed by Ted again!

2nd. Um... I can't remmeber

3rd. I reread about 4 months worth of strips and let me say. Taken En Masse painfully funny.

Going from Bond to French porn is not a bad thing. Where do I sign up?

thanks, john. i really should work more violence into the strips, especially now that there's no more heart outripping on sims.

here's an IFTL trivia challenge. which defunct nicktoon is kam referencing in the first frame? no fair using google. mass stumpings will prompt hints later in the day. as will a lack of interest, which is much more likely.

Just yesterday I was looking through an old notebook and found the rough draft of that sendup. Good times..

okay, here's a hint: it's rocko's modern life. you guys are no fun.

meem sworry, holohan.

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