Ohhhh, my God...

It used to be that when you were signed into Yahoo! Mail and you wanted to sign as someone else, you clicked "Sign Out," then "Sign in as a different user," then "Return to Yahoo! Mail," then got the Sign in screen. This was ridiculous, since "Sign in as a different user" clearly manifests intent to get to the Sign in screen, and placing that extra step was a needless inconvenience. And as someone with multiple Yahoo! identities I waited for the day when some Yahoo! programmer would figure that out and streamline the operation.

At some point within the last few hours, Yahoo! added a FOURTH link to the process. Now there's a whole nother screen that says "You have signed out of the Yahoo! network" with an additional "Return to Yahoo! Mail" link. So now I have to tell it TWICE that I want to return to Yahoo! Mail ANNNNND explain that I do, indeed, want to sign in as a different user. Why are they making it so difficult to troll craigslist as multiple people and screw with people? God horsing damn it!


Common, Mat, you're a smart guy... don't you know they do that shit just for the extra chance to show you some advertisements for either other services that they offer or companies that have paid to have links or logos displayed on the various pages you have to get through to do the most simple of things. If there weren't needless gateway pages all over the internet, internet advertising might be totally useless and unprofitable. Oh, wait.. it is anyway...

yeah, i guess you're right. because, you know, it's not enough that i have to watch steve irwin walk across my e-mail and jump into a pool.

i need security and privacy to my account whenever i sign out and try to open in a different yahoo account iam getting the same old account which i do not want as i need privacy to my account once when it is signed off.kindly do the needful for this as i need the display saying that use as a different user or a plain yahoo account.

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