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You'll be hearing a lot more about the L.A. Lapdance Ban as the summer goes on, but for now I'd just like to point out the absurd juxtaposition of the L.A. City Council standing up for Puritanical morality while shit like this is happening just a few hundred miles away.

Honey, can we move to Nevada instead of Seattle?


At least they know who to push for higher sales.

So Paul, are we to assume from your comment that you are joining the Navy?

Nope.. but I'm going to show up in a uniform and try to get some free lovin.

Correction on Post

The L. A. City Council’s proposed ban on lapdance in stripclubs is a blatant violation of human rights. It is ironic that while the U.S. Supreme Court has modernized its view on homosexuality, the L. A. City Council has degenerated towards the dangerous path of the defeated oppressive Taliban regime.
So they want to impose the ban because they think that it is immoral for strippers to have physical contact with their clients. I wonder if the female members of the L.A. City Council realize that in the view of extreme Muslim fundamentalists, they are doing something immoral by showing their faces in public, wearing make-up and listen to any kind of music, which is punishable by imprisonment or whipping under the Taliban regime. If the female City Council members think that those Taliban laws are tyrannical, I want to tell them that so is their proposed ban on lapdance which is considered by many people to be a healthy way to release sexual tension.
Isn’t it ridiculous that while it is not a crime for the intern Monica to give to former president Clinton a blow job when she was under his employment but some narrow-minded L. A. City Council members think that it should be a crime for a stripper to give her client a lapdance which involves much less sexual contact?
Isn’t it hypocritical that the L. A. City Council considers that there is nothing morally wrong for an actress in Hollywood to get paid to perform real sexual acts under a camera with a man who is not her husband but consider that it is morally wrong for a stripper to get paid to perform only a lapdance on a client?
I would like to admonish the L. A. City Council not to follow the path of the Taliban in imposing repressive laws and to repent on their oppressive attitude towards the strippers whom God gives them the beauty and talent in an art which deserves more appreciation and support.


what's the correction? are you saying i should have used "islamic" instead of "puritanical"? i agree with your points, but i think one oppressive theological regime is just as good/bad as any other.

I don't remember you noting the blatant violation of human rights in your post. To paraphrase Pastor Martin Niemoller:

First they came for the actresses, and I didn't speak up, for I wasn't an actress.

Then they came for the lapdancers, and I didn't speak up, for I didn't go to strip clubs.

Then they came for the interns, and I didn't speak up, because I didn't have an intern.

Then the Taliban and L.A. City Council came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

Make Vehicles Safe to Kids

Each year dozens of little children in the United States are literally baked alive when their parents inadvertently leave them inside the vehicles in the hot summer sun. It’s a tragedy that happens again and again, despite severe punishment on the negligent parents.

It’s deplorable that legislators put the blame entirely on the parents and never seem to realize that the automobile industry is the major culprit. When an automobile company knows that a certain design of the vehicles they manufacture has proven to post increased danger to the occupants of the vehicles, they have the legal duty to do something to minimize or eliminate the hazard. For example, if an automobile company knows that the position of a gas tank in a certain model manufactured by the company causes a much higher risk of explosion when the vehicle is rear-ended, the company has the duty to improve the design to reduce the risk or face the legal consequences. Legislators should realize that even if they impose the death penalty on the parents who carelessly left their children in a vehicle in the sun to die, I can assure them that such tragedies will keep on happening. The fact is that the human mind is not a perfect programmed machine. Some people are more absent-minded than the others and some people may leave their beloved children inside the vehicle because of miscommunication. The only way to eliminate such tragedies is to find a way to prevent the inside of a vehicle from becoming too hot in the sun. I am not saying that people who leave little kids in vehicles in the hot sun should not be punished by law. But the problem can never be solved unless the source of the problem is eliminated.

Motor vehicle designers know it too well that their design of completely enclosed vehicles will turn the vehicle into an oven in the hot summer sun when there is no ventilation and that such unsafe design has been causing the agonizing death of so many innocent children, yet they still do nothing about it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to design a vehicle, which is safe for infants in the hot sun, even when the parents forget about their kids in the vehicles. All we need is a SOLAR CELL VENTILATION SYSTEM. The system comprises a solar cell panel on top of the vehicle or on top of the dashboard, which powers to an independent ventilation fan which will be shut off automatically with a thermostat when the vehicle is cooled down with the air conditioner. When the ventilation fan is off as the air conditioner is on, the solar electricity can be store in an independent battery for use at moments when the sun is momentarily blocked by the clouds but the vehicle is still hot. The cost of such a device is minimal comparing with the price of the vehicle and the life it saves is more precious than anything money can buy. The device can be designed in two different models. One that is to be installed in cars during manufacturing and one as a self-installation kid for cars without such ventilation device. A low cost model comprising a solar cell panel and a ventilation fan only should also be available for vehicles without air conditioner. Since the device uses only existing technology, I see no reason why it can not be done.

These are my advices to some major automobile companies:

To FORD: Redeem your past negligence on human life by being the first to introduce the SOLAR CELL VENTILATION SYSTEM to all your vehicles.

To BMW: The ultimate driving machine is not the one that gives people speed and luxury only. If it can turn into an infant killing oven in the hot sun, it doesn’t deserve to be called the ultimate driving machine.

To LEXUS: So you think that Lexus is so perfect that you ask “What do we do now?” Let me tell you what you need to do now. You need to produce new models of Lexus that will not become a death trap for little kids when their parents negligently leave them in the car in the hot sun.

To VOLVO: If you care so much about protecting the lives of occupants in the vehicles you manufacture, why don’t you do anything to protect those innocent infants from suffering an agonizing death in the hot sun?

To other automobile companies: Family oriented people will definitely choose to buy your vehicles if you are smart enough to install the SOLAR CELL VENTILATION SYSTEM in your cars.

If any automobile company presidents or executives still think that it is not necessary for them to install the SOLAR CELL VENTILATION SYSTEM in the vehicles they manufacture, I would like to challenge them to sit inside their completely enclosed vehicle without turning on the air conditioner and/or ventilation at all in the hot summer sun for 30 minutes and then think again- if they can still think at all.

The bosses of the automobile industry should be reminded that every time an innocent child suffers an agonizing death in an overheated vehicle, it’s a testimony of their callousness because they are able to prevent such tragedy from happening but fail to do so.

Simon Pang

Date: Aug 8, 2003

I’m so sad that today in Irvine another child has died an agonizing death when the parents carelessly left the infant in their vehicle in the hot sun. Tragedies like this could have been prevented if the bosses of the automobile industry had the conscience to guide them to improve their products for the safety of little children or that the lawmaker had the intelligence to realize that besides punishing parents for leaving their children in vehicles it is equally if not more important to enact laws to force the narcissistic automobile industry to add safety devices in their glamorously designed vehicles to protect the lives of little children.

Many years ago when the safety belt was not yet invented, cars were allowed to be sold without them being installed. Today if any automobile manufacturer produces a car without safety belt, the company would certainly be sued for producing an unsafe product.

The Solar Cell Ventilation System is a device that will prevent the inside of a vehicle from overheated in the hot sun to lethal temperature to little kid who are unable to open or break the car windows. The bosses of the automobile industry and the lawmakers should open the eyes in their minds and realize that any space confining car without a Solar Cell Ventilation System is not a safe product and that they have the moral and legal obligation to ensure that no more children will be sacrificed due to their reluctance to act when a simple solution is available.

Simon Pang

Simon, your words have shamed me. It is true....I am not just the ultimate driving machine. You have exposed my dark secret as the ultimate killing machine. I would also like to take this time to out myself as the ultimate illin' machine.

Since you have found my secret blog and have written an impassioned plea, I am bound by the Laws of the Ancients to obey. The next model of BMW will contain your damned SOLAR CELL VENTILATION SYSTEM, thus depriving me of my precious ultimate killing machine status. But next time there be some phat beats, yo, I be ultimate illin' all over your face.

mr. pang, i commend you on your social conscience, high standard of grammar accuracy, and unflagging enthusiasm even in the face of the total failure of your audience to be the l.a. city council, the automotive standards-keepers or any of the fine automotive corporations you have listed. truly, you are a dedicated man.

Anti-Reverse Racial Discrimination

Should Rush Limbaugh be fired if he makes the following statement regarding the so-called Affirmative Action?

“ I think what we have here is an excessive social concern in the political arena. Certain political groups have been very desirous that black people do well in academic establishments. As a result, black students are given extra credits for entering universities on the basis that they belong to a minority race while some white students who have studied much harder and have achieved higher test scores than those black students are rejected from admitting into the same university. This is not an act of equality. This is a form of reverse racial discrimination which has been undermining the relationship among different races in the United States of America.”

I see no reason why he should be fired if he makes the above statement because the opinion expressed is based on facts, not prejudice. The same criterion should be used for judging his comment regarding black quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Diversity is asserted to be the reason for taking the so-called affirmative action in admitting more black students into universities even when they have lower test scores than white students. I agree that diversity in education is beneficial to the United States as far as elementary and high schools are concerned’ Every child should have equal opportunity for basic education. However, I am totally against it when it comes to higher education in colleges and universities because we need to admit the best students irrespective of their race to assure that their service to the society after graduation will also be the best. It is evident that people of different races have different propensities in their talents, thus we have more black basketball players than white and more white scientists than black. Imagine how absurd it would be if the Supreme Court had decided that the United States Olympic Committee also have to take the so-called affirmative action in admitting athletes into the Olympic team. The so-called affirmative action must be repealed if America wants to achieve real racial harmony.

It is deplorable that the black people, and Asians too, were treated so cruelly by white people in the early history of our country. But any effort to undo the wrongs should not be done by sacrificing the individual rights of the descendants who have nothing to do with the oppression.

Unfortunately, the United States of America is wading deeper and deeper into the treacherous swamp of reverse racial discrimination without realizing the dangers ahead.

The followings are more examples of reverse racial discrimination which may be considered frivolous but are likely to cause an uproar among black people if a similar discrimination is committed by the white people.

* “WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP” is a movie title with disparaging insinuation against white people not based on facts. Wonder why it is allowed to be shown on television and nobody got fired. Imaging what anti-white sentiment will arise if a white producer makes a movie with the title “ BLACK MEN CAN’T SWIM” . The white producer will certainly be accused as being a racist and some black people will certainly demonstrate against the offensive movie title.

*It amazes me why a television station in the United States is allowed to be named BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, BET for short. Does BET hire any white men for managing positions ? I doubt it does. Does BET broadcast songs of white singers? Of course it doesn’t because the name of the television gives it the “right” to discriminate against white singers.
If a television station in the United States is going to be named WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, it will certainly be accused as a being a racist establishment. (Don’t hack me with the White House. There is no law to stop a black American from becoming the President if he has enough support from voters.)

*In a TV commercial advertising Uncle Ben’s bowl (owned by a black business man), some white people were depicted ludicrously as cannibals. I don’t think black folks would be laughing if black people were depicted as cannibals in the commercial.

*In the Man Show one of the host taunted an athlete for allegedly making racist remark. The athlete denied the accusation and said that he was 75 % white. The host remarked “That makes him 75% trash.” It is a travesty of justice to allow a show host to insult all white people blatantly on TV with impunity but to penalize another show host for expressing his opinion against a black person without considering if what he says is true.

*I know there are some government programs for helping minorities only. I think this is wrong (even though I am Asian) because the criteria for helping any citizens should be based solely on their needs, not on their race.

* In a documentary called “The Dinka Tribe” broadcasted this year on television on the Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel in the evening hours, long scenes of frontal nudity of black men with the penises clearly visible and frontal nudity of teenage black girls dancing with breasts clearly visible were allowed to be shown . However, in documentaries on television with short scenes of nudist camps in which some white men and white females were seen walking or standing casually on the beach, the male and female organs and the female breasts were all burred out as if they were something bad.
Why do people of black skin color have the right to be shown completely naked on television when people of white skin are not allowed to do so? I don’t think this is exactly a case of reverse racial discrimination but a case of double standard prejudiced against people of fair skin color.

*Not all reverse racial discrimination cases are non-violent as the examples above. I know a teenage boy in Los Angels, California who had to change his last name to a Hispanic name because he was afraid of being beaten at school by Hispanic students. He father is white and his mother is Hispanic and he has to hide his white identity to avoid being beaten. I feel very sorry for him and I told him that someday things would change for the better. This is by no means an isolated incident because a recent news report says that some minority students in Southern California have conspired to beat up white students on the same day each year as some kind of ritual.

Wake up America! Reverse Racial Discrimination is not a solution to Racial Discrimination. It will only create more racial discrimination and conflicts. I am not a fan of Rush Limbaugh but I totally support his right to express his opinion. It is good to see someone like him who dares to speak against the unwholesome trend of the media. I hope someday there will be no discrimination in the United States of America . But until then we must fight against both racial discrimination and reverse racial discrimination.

Simon Pang

No, really. It's true. I never learned how to swim.

No, really. It's true. We find human flesh delicious.

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