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This week's strip is rated PG-13, for mature themes, suggestive language, and a very large fist.

I meant to draw the customer in frames one and two in the guise of Paul, that great stripper magnet of Orange County, but in the process of drawing one lanky, curly-haired person I found myself drawing something that more closely resembled a certain oft-monikered know-it-all who's only slightly less fitting for the occasion. Think of it as two shout-outs in one.

But more importantly, as the (ahem) strip suggests, the L.A. City Council is chewing on a resolution that would prohibit strip club patrons from coming closer than six feet to strip club entertainers. Because that'll fix our schools. I'm hoping that the ban, should it pass (an identical ban failed when I was in high school), will lead to a Supreme Court hearing on whether lapdancing is a fundamental right. Because I think it is.

Really, a ban like this would just be a giant orgasm of unintended consequences. There's already underground prositution in strip clubs, so now there'll just be underground lapdances, too. And the escort industry will explode. Explode, I tell you.


Wasn't it Thomas Jefferson who said "If it were left to me to decide whether we should have a government with free lapdances or free lapdances without a government, I would prefer the latter"?

well, "government withOUT free lapdances," anyway.

Hey that's a really good drawing of me... I still have that strippers phone number... Maybe we should all have a reunion? And what will happen is that all the LA people that attend strip clubs will just travel to OC. I find that to be the funniest part. Hoards of horney men by the boat loads coming here to OC just to get a little ass action. Hmm.. I kinda want to go myself. See you guys in a couple days.

the inland empire also boasts an extensive collection of strip clubs. the number of strip club billboards along the 10 in fontana is dwarfed only by the number of such billboards along santa monica boulevard in west l.a.

one thing i didn't mention last night is that in many cases the strippers don't get paid by the clubs, but rather pay the clubs for the license to perform (like a hairdresser renting a chair in a salon), and make all their money off tips and lapdances. so if this ban passes, how are all these strippers going to put themselves through medical school?

Also remember that the stripper that is in this weeks strip had a $2,000 a week cocaine habit. How is she suppose to feel doing lap dances without being high? That is, if she was in LA not SF. I miss her so much... next week you should put the one that read my palm and told me that I was going to have women all over me for the rest of my life.

Clearly the person in the strip cannot be me as that stripper bears no resemblance to the one that gave me tuberculosis. However, the strip does encourage me to get while the getting is good.

we should organize a lowenthal's nuns strip club excursion. except that one of us is in a foreign land.

all right, well, i've e-mailed the strip to an l.a. city council member who supports the ban and a santa monica first amendment lawyer who's challenging it. the first amendment lawyer is a graduate of UCLA Law. go bruins!

Attn: Steve and Paul

On behalf of all the girlfriends and wives, may I just say this: For the most part, while not actually endorsing it, we can understand your desire to spend one of your last single nights with some buddies drinking in the presence of nearly-nude women. Let us not, however, make efforts to draw the less venally minded of our male friends into your particular less savory habits, particularly should those habits include a predilection to visit said nearly-nude women on a more frequent basis than the mere celebration of imprending nuptials.

I say we make the strip club trip a weekly thing. It's kind of like trickle down economy. In fact our tip money should be tax deductible. We would be putting money in the strippers hands and they will go out and buy shit and that will make the economy better. Hell let's make them all hookers and make that tax deductible as well. In fact I have an Idea now. Let's go to vegas. I know a stripper there that can do things that will break up weddings. What does everyone say to that?

Your ability to depict sexiness in cartoon form is better than I expected. Clearly, your talent is finally starting to blossom.

Paul is even sexy-er in person! If your into tall skinny guys.

But I think the important thing is the implications Paul has on the world of IFTL! I wanna see Paul and Claudio face off in a battle of sauve-ness.

And then Ted can stab them both.

Maybe Paul and Claudio can be the strippers? That might change my attitude towards this whole issue...

i think lapdances should be free cause it is only a girl on the table my wife could do that and i still would get some ass

i like big boobs and i cannot lie i like to screw any girl i want in my room and fuck your mom

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