Holohan For President



Yes, I'm vain. But I look scary as hell in this picture and you know it.


Your first action as President should be to re-title yourself Master Overlord of the Cosmos.

Yes Big Brother, I bow down to you.

I bet you couldn't make that face again on command if I paid you.

i like that the exit sign is peeking through the D in Die. lends a nice metaphorical weight to the command prompt there. or it's just bad photoshopping.

i was also pleased with how almost the entire top leg of the crucifix is obscured by the D, but the american flag remains almost mostly visible by squeezing between the D and I.

yikes! i didn't even see the crucifix there. it's like "join or you'll end up like this dude." i don't care how many sins you people need forgiven... no thank you!

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