Headin' on Back to Berkeley



Yes, folks. I am now the happiest 2L transfer in all the land. Berkeley and I are now friends again. Here's how I picture our Oprah Winfrey interview in thirty years:

Oprah: Welcome back, we're talking with Matt and the University of California at Berkeley and learning more about their inspiring relationship. [Quietly, after a dramatic pause.] I'd like to talk now about the 2002-2003 academic year.
[Berkeley lowers head, Matt squeezes Berkeley's hand.]
Matt: [To Berkeley.] It's okay. It's okay. [To Oprah.] What can I say? We were heading in different directions. We needed some time apart. I see that now. Of course, back then I was furious. I begged her to let me stay, but she insisted. But now I realize that she was so much stronger than I was.
Berkeley: [Crying.] No, it's my fault. I pushed you away.
Matt: Don't say that! Don't ever say that. It was me and you know it. We had a routine, a life together. Four years of Physics. It was selfish of me to suddenly ask you for a J.D. You had every right to send me out into the world to make sure I knew what I wanted.
Oprah: And what about UCLA?
Matt: Oh, we had some fun together. But she knew that I was still hung up on Berkeley. And she was fine with it. There'll always be a special place in my heart for UCLA.
Berkeley: You know, it's funny...
Oprah: What's funny?
Berkeley: Well, UCLA actually helped bring us back together.
Matt: Oh, that's right! It was...
Berkeley: It was your Civil...
Matt: My Civil Procedure professor, right. Wrote the recommendation letter. You gotta hand it to UCLA. Even though she knew I wanted someone else she had my interests in mind the whole time. She just wanted me to be happy, even if it meant leaving her.
Berkeley: And when I saw how Matt was treating UCLA, well...
Matt: [Faux whisper.] I think she was jealous.
Berkeley: Well can you blame me?

So next time you guys go a-paddlin' or a-baseballin', make room for one more. I'll be there on August 15th.


Congrats, Mat! I'm sooooo jealous...

Like ships passing in the night we'll be.
But, as usual, you rock, and are now well on you way to world domination.
Let me make this my official anouncement to support Matt in any coups, revolutions, takeovers, or New World Orderings that he may lead in the future.

That is awesome.... Congratulations!

See you on the 46 in our matching U-Hauls on August 15!

Congratulations! You want the apartment back? I hear it's opening up in August, and I could put in a good word for you with the landlord.

thanks all the same, kenny, but i think meli and i are going to shoot for a 1 bdrm in alameda.

Considering last year's demise of the College Avenue Birken abode, the Squelch is a month away from having lost almost all of its traditional Berkeley real estate holdings. I'm glad that at least Allen is still living in the same place he did in 1999 and paying cheapass rent.

...a 1 bedroom near the BEACH on Alameda. Hooray Boalt admissions office for realizing at last how awesome Matt is! Not too proud to admit their mistakes, and we salute them for it!

Congrats Matt. Now you show them what for. What ever the hell that means.

Great! Now that Matt's moving up here, I'm moving down. Forever ships in the night I suppose... hetrosexual ships, of course.

congratulations on boalt and on your mastery of differently-sized fonts in MT.

And let's give Matt his props for the best blog entry ever, y'all!

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