Comic Stripper 6: Guess Who's Rubbing Her Crotch on Your Chest


Oh, yeah. Bet you didn't see that coming.

The other day I went to lunch with a bunch of Oxy lawyers, and I somehow managed to turn the conversation toward strip clubs, as I'm wont to do. I mentioned UCLA Law alum and stripper advocate Roger Diamond and hate rays suddenly started flying around the table. It turns out that Mr. Diamond was the founder of No Oil, a group dedicated to stopping Occidental Petroleum from drilling off the shore of Pacific Palisades. Small world, no?

So between that and my comment about how the Oreos in cookies 'n' cream ice cream aren't crumbled assembly line cookies but rather the stuff they sweep off the factory floor at the end of the day, I established myself as the least desirable lunch buddy in the history of the Universe.


Nice! Just what IFTL needed! A stripper character!

Why does the Asian stripper look like a cadaver?? Was that the only way you could convey her ethnicity? Isn't it enough that Kam refers to strippers as if they're kittens? "I think this [sickly yellow] Asian one likes me." What the hell is that???!!??!

so this is the thanks i get for publicly abusing you on your own website. yeah, the umbrage was indeed feigned. i didn't really care. i just wanted to post something "controversial."

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