Pile of Gunk Found


I've been following this story about the giant sea monster with much childish fascination. Partly because I think it's cool that in this day and age with all our Science and whatnot we can still find giant animals that we haven't seen before (or at least not for over a hundred years), partly because it reminds me a lot of one of the Great Jesse Johnson's most fastabulous drug-induced newsflashes*, but mainly because it allows me to picture a bunch of Chilean scientists standing around a 13-ton pile of gunk, scratching their scientist heads until someone says, "Why don't we poke it with a stick?", and a few minutes later someone else says, "Okay, you do it."

* I have no evidence that the newsflash was at all drug-induced, or that Jesse Johnson ever did drugs. It's just difficult to imagine someone coming up with a newsflash like that without artificially altering their mind in some way. I'm sorry, Jesse, if I offended you, but you're a gifted humorist and a damn good Top Dog griller.

Further samplings of the genius that is Doublejay can be found here and here.


When they found a similar thing in '88, "A DNA analysis found the animal was a piece of a sperm whale's head."

Thank you for this. "piece of a sperm whale's head" is exactly the image I needed to kickstart my day.

gunk update: it's a sperm whale.

"When a sperm whale dies at sea, it rots until it becomes a 'skeleton suspended in a semi-liquid mass within a bag of skin and blubber,' the scientists said. Eventually, the skin tears and the bones sinks while the skin and blubber float."

so that's what happened senator kelly.

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