Lies, I Tell You, Filthy, Wretched Lies


A bunch of goddamned Canadians have decided that Stonehenge was built to resemble a giant vagina. If you read between the lines the article suggests that, specifically, Stonehenge is supposed to be the Earth's vagina.

Yes, you brilliant Canadian scientists. I'm sure the ancient druids who were smart enough to lift giant rocks into a geometric configuration were also exactly as mature as Gabe from Penny Arcade.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, video games make you smarter.



Giant Dick Shaped Monument Found on Mars!
The Canadians Were Right!

...although, when he told this news story to my mom, it was edited to say "Female Sexual Organs", which I thought was funny. Especially since Matt so kindly pointed out the Naughty Store on Wilshire to her the last time we were driving past it.

i also told the edited version to some ladies at my office. one of them replied, "oh, you mean the uterus?"

Ha ha ha ha... I bet the canadians are right. I mean they have to be right some of the time. Right?

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