Comic Stripper 9: Pokey is Running

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I realize that Monday came and went with Comic Stripper 9, but I warned you early on that I likely wouldn't keep to the schedule. I owe nothing to you people.

I'll also say that I've been doing this goddamned comic for nearly eleven months and this week marks the first reference to Pokey the Penguin. I couldn't have done it without my inability to properly convey scenery changes between frames.

Finally, here be cool t-shirts, much better than that Bling Bling Gary Coleman shit they have at T-Shirt Orgy. I'll grant any mortal three wishes, he who bring me this shirt, the greatest graphic ever, tragically placed on that terrible textured gray pitstaining color. Flipdown shades and dates with ASUC Senators are not available as wishes.

1 Comment

That shirt is awesome. Who ever thought that Error from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link would make it onto a t-shirt? Incredible!

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