Comic Stripper 10: Something for Everyone


Just in case I haven't already antagonized everyone in sight with my RIAA apologism, I bring you the single most offensive IFTL strip ever. I await your feminist vitriol.

In other news, pizza cures cancer, and I've once again added some chums to the Links page. Say hello to Julie the jeweler, lovely wife of jmv, Brewmeister Greg, and Todd of the San Diego Todds. I'm finding my loyalties increasingly divided between blogspot and cementhorizon, so if you CH folks want to win me back you'd better make with the comments.

Oh, I'm just kidding. I hate all of you equally. And thoroughly. And you love it.


I actually think this is one of your most visually pleasing strips in a while*. Nice job!

*and I'm not just referring to the panel full of strippers.

fond chuckle. i remember the days when you really DID hate everyone equally. good times. sigh.

Yes... Matt and I have come to an understanding that we would *not* have liked each other in high school. It would have been black-wearing-cynicism-espousing-alterno-drama-geek versus little-miss-know-it-all-knee-socks.

um, kristen actually met me during my junior year in college. so we wouldn't have liked each other then, either. except in a sexual way.

I'm sure as an older woman I would have enjoyed having a 3rd year boy toy.

A question: is Ellen happy or shocked and dismayed by Kam's assertion that she is his best friend? I simply must know.

but who could object to knee-socks, the sexiest of schoolgirl accessories?

i think it's pretty clear that she's smiling, but then, i'm a shitty artist and i'm looking at it with a preconception of what i want it to look like.

and socks are never sexy. of all the things a woman can put on her legs to make them more sexy, socks are pretty low on the list, somewhere between chocolate pudding and david crosby.

I'm also slightly puzzled by the transfer of Kam's hat to the sickly stripper and then to the judge with little time elapsed. Was there a very brief lapdance that occured off screen? This is important.

stockings are sexy (especially if thigh-high and accompanied with garters)....and really, they're just thin socks.

stockings are indeed sexy, but i think they're sexy because of the ways in which they differ from sox, i.e. length and (lack of) opacity.

but don't get me started on hosiery. we'll be here all day.

and SNE, you're just going to have to use your imagination. i have my artist's mystique to uphold here. i need it to shroud my incompetence as an artist and storyteller.

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