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If you're one of the handful of people who hasn't grown completely bored with my strip club saga, rest assured that the thrilling climax of Comic Stripper will be along within the next two weeks. This week has been particularly eventful, and has left precious little time for cartooning. Meli and I signed a lease in Alameda, and to celebrate we moved our wedding date up a whole year. So now we're getting married in December, and even with our committment to a miniature wedding there's all kinds of things to get planned. For example, walking into a Catholic church the day before your wedding and saying "Look, you'll take our money, all right?" isn't the most effective way to convince a priest to get his officiation on. The fact that my family's parish, Meli's family's parish, the parish where Meli and I will be taking our wedding classes, and the parish where the actual ceremony is going to take place are four different parishes also isn't helping. But no matter. I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!

So I'm planning on some intense cartooning next week after my summer job working for the Man has drawn to a sputtering close. I'll also have to start packing, I sign up for classes on Wednesday, and I have my first 2L interview on Friday in The OC, but apart from that I'll pretty much be sitting around wondering why I've suddenly developed the habit of biting my nails until they bleed.

In the meantime, please feel free to download some pictures of a hot Indian girl or turn yourself into a cabbage.


Wow.. congrats on the aprtment, and the rapidly approaching wedding... looks like you are going to set a speedy engagement record among your friends(the ones I know anyway)

yes, well, the total engagement period will still exceed nine months. so we're keeping it respectable anyway.

Matt would like you all to know, however, that he's no "Churchy McGee". (direct quote)

Ah... looks like I can't count... we were just under nine months. SO.. no record for you

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