Comic Stripper 13: Tiko Tiko


I got a lot of shit done today. Not least among them being Lucky 13. I also went to the post office. And bought some boxes. Not at the post office, though.

I realized that I should probably start getting emotional about leaving Los Angeles, so I'll work on that. Perhaps next weekend I'll drunk myself all up and post something to that effect, but for now there are enough logistical difficulties involved in the process of actually being able to leave to keep me safely distracted. For example, UCLA still insists that I owe them eight thousand dollars, and nobody's answering the phone. That troubles me. Just a leetle beet.


How much do those whore-hoppers charge you for boxes? I feel pretty much the same way about buying boxes that Greg feels about buying empty bottles...

It's spelled Tico.

god damn it.

the boxes range in price from $1 to $2.50. when i moved to berkeley for the first time i wandered redlands for days looking for free empty boxes before arriving at a smart and final with big closets full of glorious empty boxes. each closet was blocked by a mean old sign that said "boxes for customers only." i was sad.

Try calling your local bookstore and ask nicely to the manager that you could use a few boxes here and there. When I was working at the bookstore we had lots of left over boxes especially after the Christmas crap started coming in.

i'll not succumb to the temptation of illegal box-sharing. if i don't buy my own boxes, the people who make boxes won't be able to feed their families. why do you hate children so much, chun?

Becuase children are the future and the future needs to be stopped. Haven't you ever seen a post-apocolyptic movie? Damn those children! Charleton Heston should never have been stuck in a world of apes, Mad Max should never have lost his dog, and Bill and Ted should never rule the world with their new age/rock crap that we heard at the end of Bogus Journy. Brrrr... that future we should fear the most.

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