Comic Stripper 14: The Trinity


Fourtfuckingeen, y'all.

I'm very proud of this week's offering. Not only have we brought the girl scouts back, but this week also marks the first appearance of a clown in IFTL. If you thought Mars' approach on August 27th was going to be historic, well, you were right.


I want a box of nutsacks!

fyi, this comic series just gets better and better. i applaud the return of girl scouts. and also clowns. though i hate clowns in general. i like watching them look stupid, which they manage just by being clowns. mostly though the three sides of society was just brill.

What's brill?

I think the clown is my favorite IFTL drawing so far, but the masked bandit might be second.

Mustached, not masked. I'm an idiot.

brilliant. sorry.

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