Comic Strippers 15 & 16: I'm a Lazy Man


In my mad dash to put this nightmare behind me I've posted two new strips, this one and this other one. The former is funnier and more relevant to the underlying themes of the story, so it's kind of a shame it didn't get any face time on the front page. Poor planning on my part.

Anyway, I should be able to wrap this thing up in four more strips, which will take us into the weekend. Then on Tuesday IFTL celebrates its one-year anniversary, motherfuckers!!!

Also, I'm in Alameda now, well, not right now, but now in an official sense. While I was unpacking a small siamese cat came and rubbed its face all over the new apartment, which I took as a good omen.


I find it amusing that during your mad comic strip-ing dash to the finish, you call yourself lazy to describe the overdrive.

There is nothing amusing about lazine

You took the watch, you fucker!

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