Comic Strippers 18, 19 & Epilogue


And seven curses with it!

There are three there, you know, just so we're clear.

Last night I drove down to Santa Cruz for what may be the last time for quite a while for the world premiere of Trannies, a movie which has nothing whatsoever to do with gender identity disorder. The movie was great. Solid story, good characters, and very well executed, both dramatically and technically. My man JMV was the B camera operator and chief lighting (technician? engineer? guy?), and if Trannies is any indication his future is so bright he's gotta wear shades. The hardcore industrial kind that old people wear. Once the DVD is available I plan to do everything in my power to build a maniacal cult following before the distribution deal.

Yesterday was also Boalt orientation day. As the Guy who Went to Berkeley Undergrad I ended up being the person most knowledgeable regarding a variety of subjects, such as where things are, how to use Bearfacts, and how to choose an e-mail password. Uclink has a number of fun little rules when it comes to your password, and choosing a sequence of symbols that was 6-8 characters long, had no more than three letters or numbers in a row, and contained at least four unique characters proved to be a bit of a challenge for a few of the legal geniuses in the lab. My advice to the guy in front of me to "pick a word and replace all the e's with 3's" seemed much appreciated.

I've also had the opportunity to dork it up with a few transfers who have physicsy backgrounds: one materials science and engineering major from MIT and one girl from my BSC lab senior year. You have to have a compelling academic reason to transfer to Berkeley, so I'm guessing that I'll end up meeting quite a few members of the Backdoor Club who played the "I have a science background and want to study law and technology" card as successfully as I did.

In addition to my former lab mate (who had no memory of me), I also ran into a former ASUC political ally in the facebook line, and two people from my freshman year dorm were inexplicably at the Trannies premiere. So my return to the Bay has been met with haunting faces from my past, just not the faces I might have expected, and not the channels of my past that I might have, well, expected.

All right. Fuck this noise.


Gender Identity Disorder (which only applies to kids, by the way) is one of the items in the DSM-IV-TR which may not make it into the DSM-V. Some believe that it is a way of pathologizing homosexuality in children, just as "Homosexuality" itself used to be a disorder in older versions of the DSM.

why are you being a lawyer and not a physicisist?

because physics is for girls, that's why.

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