A Change of Venue


Happy Anniversary, I Fought the Law! You compleat me.

I toyed with the idea of replacing the non-Kasarov characters with bizarro analogues, but in the end decided that an incongruous mass transfer would be less jarring for my delicate readers. You're welcome.

As I was preparing to switch schools I also considered getting the other 2L transfers together and forming the Backdoor Club, an exercise which has proven to be unnecessary. All the transfers have been gravitating toward each other over the past two days and within a week or two I fear that integration into the greater 2L community will be a lost cause. But I take comfort in the fact that, had I not switched schools, I'd be clique-ing up with my former section mates anyway, so clique-ing up with my fellow transfers is just as well. We're a diverse bunch, having come from schools as far away as the South of California and as near as Hastings. We're all of us skilled at Bridge and few of our colleagues can approach us at darts and other ungentlemanly pastimes. We swarm bravely around the precious, precious outlets (two to six per room) and bemoan the lack of classroom Internet access. I took a bunch of them to the I-House on Monday and only one of them had her order lost. All in all, this transfer thing is looking pretty sweet.


How does it feel to be back at Cal? Eat a top-dog for me...

John seems to ba a bit hot dog obsessed as of late, with the required stop at Pink's every trip to LA, now making Matt eat more hot dogs on his behalf... I don't see this ending well.

i haven't been to top dog yet but i've already thrice eaten at blondie's. i also ran into marc gasway on telegraph yesterday, and if that ain't berkeley i don't know what is.

essential marc quote: "they were ten! they were ten when i started college! ten!" (in reference to a group of dressed-to-seduce coeds who walked past us during our conversation about the exorcist ii.)

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