I drew a comic strip last night. Really, I did. It's very pretty, and has words and red and green and a guy with curly hair, and some ham-fisted use of perspective. I'd be happy to show it to you if only I could get it out of my computer and onto the greater Internet. I've tried several roads to upload city, including IE, FTP Explorer, Smart FTP, and even Telnet, but all roads are currently blocked with big orange signs that say something about the server failing to respond. CalTrans has been alerted.

Speaking of things not working, our freezer has proven invaluable in the area of turning ice cream into flavoured milk. The dryers downstairs, for their part, will gladly take two dollars in quarters from you and produce a shapeless pile of damp clothing two hours later. And the only thing keeping me from using my Palm Pilot for lecture notes is its helpful habit of self-destructing immediately after alerting me to the fact that I should replace the batteries "soon." The machines, they are not our friends.

Finally, give this a click if you'd like some relief from that nagging feeling that life is passing you by.


Maybe I'm racist, maybe it's just funny...but the fact that the kid is Asian really reduces the shock for me. I can't help but think "Of course he's in medical school at age 12, his parents have been pressuring him since before he could walk it just happened to work better on him than most kids"

It sounds more like his parents were supporting him and encouraging him rather than pressuring him. Kids are amazingly bright when given the right tools...just most Americans "don't have time" to be there for their children. And he seems to be managing well socially, even though his peers are a full decade older.

Are you a PR flack or something?

Nope. Just an Asian who had supportive parents.

Actually I checked, you are a flack.

what's a flack?

ben is!

thank you, good night.

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