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I wasn't quite sure what to make of this story about the theatrical leanings of certain members of Our Judiciary, so I figured I'd see how their brethren would look on stage. In any case it seems that opening night opera performances are more attractive to Supreme Court Justices than pie-eating contests.

I think these kinds of stories are tickling because of the reclusiveness of the Supreme Court Justices. Unlike politicians who seek every possible photo-op, the Supremes don't even allow cameras during proceedings. My theory is that the Justices don't want visual representations of themselves because they're all profoundly unattractive people (except Kennedy). But I propose that since the Judiciary is, in a philosophical sense, the most directly accessible government branch (to the extent that private citizens, rather than politicians, are the focus in the courtroom), it wouldn't hurt for the Justices, as the helmspersons of the Judiciary, to make themselves available apart from the occasional Ivy League commencement speech.

And that's my story.

1 Comment

I couldn't let this one get by without comment. Great use of quasi-law related humor. Keep it up. Also, where's the love for Stevens and I?

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